Insio Charge&Go AX

Insio Charge&Go AX

Insio Charge&Go AX’s small design gives you all-day wearing comfort, while its leading Augmented Xperience audiology platform delivers outstanding speech clarity, even in noisy situations.

Charge them while you rest or sleep, and then go – true to their name. And keep going throughout your day with up to 20 hours of use on a single charge².


StreamLine Mic

Provides hands-free phone calls and music in premium stereo and works as a remote microphone

StreamLine TV

Feeds the TV sound in stereo directly to the hearing aids


Ideal for anyone who wants discreet, convenient control of their hearing aids without a large remote control or smartphone

Insio AX Charger

No specific charging position is required - wearers intuitively place their Insio C&G AX hearing aids in the charger as if it were a jewel case.

Insio Nx ITC/ITE

The Bluetooth enabled in-the-ear hearing aids for best speech comprehension

Insio Nx IIC/CIC

Small custom hearing aids with natural sound quality



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