There's nothing like the sound of Paradise

Hearing is regarded as something we naturally do. The ability to hear is such an intricate part of our existence and fundamental for our overall well-being. What better way to rediscover sound than with a hearing aid inspired by nature itself. After all, there’s nothing like the sound of Paradise.


Phonak CROS P

Designed specifically for unilateral hearing loss, CROS P improves speech understanding in noisy environments and helps the wearer follow** conversations wherever they come from.*

Phonak Virto™ Marvel

Custom hearing aid now also available in stylish black finish with direct connectivity and hands-free calls..

Phonak Bolero™ Marvel

Marvel performance for mild to severe hearing loss offering maximum reliability and robustness.

Phonak Audéo™ Paradise

The hearing aid that delivers unrivaled**** sound quality and empowering smart apps.

Phonak Naída™Paradise

Offering next level, powerful sound, connectivity to smartphones, TV and more, and empowering smart apps.

Phonak Sky™ Marvel

Available with powerful rechargeable technology, Marvel is easy to use, quick to charge and offers a full day of hearing including streaming.

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