Hearing Aids

Hearing aids improve the quality of life of those who are partially deaf. Apart from restoring acoustics, the digital hearing aids boost people's confidence, and enrich their lives with happiness.

Hearing Aid Sound Transmission Process

The invisible hearing aid receives sounds through a microphone and converts them into digital sound. There's an inbuilt amplifier in the digital hearing aid that increases the strength of the sound, which is then transmitted to the ear through the speaker.

5 Reasons To Use Hearing Aids

  • Self-confidence
  • Happiness
  • No strains while hearing
  • Participation in social activities with family and friends
  • Improved quality of life

Some Precautions While Using Digital Hearing Aids

  • Remove hearing aid while taking a shower or swimming
  • Never share your hearing aids with others
  • Avoid hair spray, gel, and dry shampoo while wearing hearing aids
  • Don't store hearing aids in washroom
  • Always seek your doctor's advice if you want to change your hearing aid

Ideally, you should wear your hearing aids all the time except when sleeping, bathing, or swimming. Many people, especially the rural folk, make a critical error of removing the hearing aid after wearing it for a few hours. This practice should be avoided.

No, you shouldn’t.

The lifespan of hearing aids ranges from three to seven years or even longer. It depends on the maintenance and premium quality.

Yes, if you want to avoid further complications. There can be other problems at the primary stage of deafness such as cognitive decline, slips and falls, and memory loss.



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