Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a holistic process that entails identification and treatment of the various speech disorders that people suffer from. Speech therapy is given by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) - also known as speech therapists.

What Speech Disorders Are Cured By Speech Therapy?

Articulation Disorders: In these types of disorders, children and adults are unable to form certain word sounds.

Receptive Disorders: In these types of disorders, people cannot understand what others say.

Fluency Disorders: These types of disorders hamper the flow, rhythm, and speed of speech such as stuttering and stammering.

Dysarthria: It is typified by slow speech due to lack of control over muscles that are used for speech.

Aphasia: In this type of disorder a person's ability to speak and understand others is hampered.

Cognitive-Communication Disorder:This disorder results from an injury to the part of the brain that controls our thinking.

Speech therapy can be given to children and adults.

Speech therapy comprises language intervention activities, articulation therapy, and many other exercises.

Speech therapy is quite an effective way to cure speech disorders. Itís success rate is very high in children.



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